Parent Tips for First-Time Parents – Taking Care of Your Infant


parent tips Parent tips are perfect for people who are troubled dealing with their parenting responsibilities, especially for first time parents. With today’s modern lifestyle, children are becoming more demanding of almost everything. Getting through 9 months of pregnancy and painful delivery is just the beginning of it all, and your responsibilities as a mother to your child should never cease.

For first time parents, it is best to seek help from your family and close friends to learn how to get through the parental blues after giving birth. It is also advisable to hire a baby nurse to help you take care of the child so that when things become hectic and overwhelming, you can get things done easily.

Parent Tips: Taking Care of the Newborn

There are proper ways of handling a newborn, to ensure safety of the baby. Parent tips for handling a newborn is to wash your hands regularly before handling the newborn. It is due to the fact that babies have weaker immune system that makes them highly susceptible to infection. When putting your baby to sleep, carefully hold his or her neck and head while laying the baby down to the crib. And if you need to wake him or her up, keep in mind to avoid shaking the baby.

Shaking is too dangerous for an infant that may cause a brain damage which can also be fatal. So, when waking the infant, it would be best to blow gently on the cheek or by tickling the feet. Always bear in mind that infants are not yet ready to have rough plays like being jiggled on your knees or thrown up in the air to make him or her laugh adorably.

parent tips Parent Tips: How to Make Bonding Moments with Your Infant

Parent Tips also include learning some soothing and bonding techniques with your newborn. Among other activities for infants, bonding is considered by many physicians as one of the most pleasurable aspects of newborn care, especially during the most sensitive time in the first few days of after the baby’s birth. Although infants have automatic connection with their mother, nothing beats developing perfect bonding with them as early as after their birth.

This physical closeness initially promotes emotional connection to the parents because the sense of attachment contributes to their emotional growth as a child. This development may also affect other significant areas in their lives like physical growth or their cognitive development.

parent tips So, start bonding with your infant by breastfeeding the baby. Having a skin-to-skin connection is a perfect way to develop the baby’s emotional growth towards his or her parents. Bonding moments with your child can also be done by cradling them to sleep and gently stroking his or her head. Another popular way of creating bonding moments with your child is by giving him or her infant massage.

This kind of massage is also perfect for babies who have been diagnosed with certain health problems, to soothe the physical pain that they feel. However, not all massages would be good for the babies. Parent tips suggest you to ask the doctor’s recommendation first before giving your infant a soothing massage. For more useful articles on parent tips please browse through .

Baby Toys – What To Gift Your Toddler

parent tips for preschoolers

Toddlers are at the most receptive juncture in their lives. A gift or a toy that can make them learn as they play would be an ideal choice to give a toddler. They can learn the maximum at this age, as they are full of wonder and inquisitiveness.

It is very important for you as a parent to know that toy, if chosen right, not only help keep the baby entertained but also helps with the development of the baby and improvement in social, intellectual, lingual and problem-solving skills.

Shaking rattles, squeaking plush animals and rolling balls – all have a direct relationship to your baby’s growth. So choose toys with care. Utmost precautions also must be taken to ensure that the toy is safe for the baby in terms of sharp edges, safe construction material and small parts that can choke the baby as well.

Plenty of innovative yet simple options are available in the market today. You can give your little baby a coloring book with crayons. He or she would grasp the concept of coloring in minutes then. Colors also help in mental association of objects. Babies’ minds are like clean slates with a high threshold for saturation. You may simply introduce them to colors and they will be able to form a mental link of objects with these colors.

You can also give them a drum kit that will teach the sounds and instruments. These sounds will help in the mental progress of their speech development. You can also get your little one an easel with a whiteboard on one side and a chalkboard on the other side. The board must have markers, chalk and eraser, so the baby learns to doodle and experiment with his imaginative side. You must make sure that the board is not too high for the baby. It should be her height so that she can learn to do the same while sitting.

For slightly older babies who are starting pre primary school, you can give them books to read. Coloring books, Reading for Beginners and math riddle books. These books are very simple to read and promise to teach them a lot in a short span of time. If you read stories to kids at night before sleeping, it will boost their imagination and keep them ahead at school. You can look up online learning kits that involve many colorful objects.