5 Tips To Teach Your Toddler To Speak

Following a baby develop the common skills like walking and talking is an exciting time for any parents. As you might know all children are very different in the speed they develop these skills and you shouldn’t worry if your child is taking its time in starting to speak.

You shouldn’t try to force your child into developing these skills quicker. But there are many good ways you can encourage and help them grow their vocabulary. Here are five simple tips to teach your toddler to speak.

Tired Toddler

1. Talk A Lot And In A Positive Way

The first tip is to make sure you talk a lot to your toddler. As soon as he or she is born it is important you start talking out loud about the things you are doing.

This will make your baby more interested in the act of talking and they will also be able to follow the way your mouth moves.

When they start making sounds and talking you should try to display a lot of interest to your baby. Always positively encourage their words even if they don’t pronounce the words correctly.

2. Interact With Them

The biggest mistake you can make is to think that your child is going to learn to talk by watching TV and videos. This won’t teach toddlers to talk, they will teach them new concepts however and are a good thing once your child can already talk.

Mommy Shorts recommends being interactive with your children. Talk and listen to what they say and have a few moments each day where you play word games with your child.

3. Read Books To Them

It is also a good idea to read books to your child. Picture books are especially good books to read because they let the child see the items and actions you are talking about and therefore make it a lot easier for them to make the connections.

4. Use Dolls

It is also very helpful to incorporate toys into teaching your toddler to speak and dolls are one of the best toys to do this. For example, because dolls are so human-like it is easy to teach about the various different body parts to the child through displaying them on the dolls.

If you just show them on your own face, for instance, child will loose interest a lot quicker than if they get to play with a doll at the same time.

Look around for dolls from online outlets, such as A Girl For All Time and make sure you always incorporate dolls into your child’s playtime.

5. Have Play Dates With Other Toddlers

It is also essential that your child is given chances to communicate with other children around his or her age. This will provide them more incentive to start talking and will guarantee that they don’t feel inadequate about their own skill level. So make sure you and other adults talk a lot with your child but that they also have the opportunity to meet other toddlers to practice communication.

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