How To Encourage Children To Study More And Get Better Tests Results?

child readingDo you feel that your children are not performing at school as well as they could if they only put more effort into studying? Unfortunately, many children fall under pressure or lack proper motivation to study and they perform below their abilities.

There is nothing worse than disappointed, complaining parent and if you want to encourage your children to try harder at tests and get better grades at school you should join your children in the educating process by showing your support and discovering together how fascinating learning can be.

Find activities you can perform together with your children

Learning is not limited to school environment only, quite contrary – learning and becoming straight A student always starts at home. The children of parents, who pursue their hobbies and passions usually develop some of their own. Share your interests with your children and spend time talking about things you both consider interesting, intriguing and fun.

Listen to what your children want to share with you and make sure that you understand them better. Inspire your children to try a new, creative hobby and support them throughout the process.

Encourage your children’s natural curiosity, do not avoid their questions and if you do not know the answers use it as an occasion to research the matter together. Inspire open-minded attitude in your children by exposing them to culture, art and history. Take your kids to museums, galleries, concerts and other cultural events, plan weekend trips to interesting places with rich cultural background.

Spend at least 20 minutes a day reading to your children. If they are too old for that – find books you can both read and have a conversation about it. All of that allows you to establish a deep connection with your children, which is based on shared interests, and encourage them to be more active in pursuing their own dreams and passions.

Help your children overcome their learning difficulties

You do not have to be a passive observer of the education of your children, but you can assume much more active role of a teacher and partner in learning. Sit together with your children and try to identify their problems with learning and issues they find particularly difficult. Help your children with their homework and find a way to tutor them in the disciplines they have most problems with.

For some parents teaching math or sciences can be too difficult, but luckily there are many online resources, which can be used for tutoring. Look for websites, which offer exercises and lessons that are not only educational, but also fun and entertaining for the kids.

If you need a good website with resources useful in teaching math, check online – there are a lot of helpful resources. If you want to test your children’s progress use online exams and exercises. Although online lessons are easy to follow and entertaining for the kids, there are certain skills, which can be developed best during 1-on-1 tutoring sessions.

If despite all your efforts your children are not doing better at school and their grades keep dropping hire a well-trained professional, who is not only capable of providing high quality tutoring, but can also recognize the learning problems of your children.

Improving your children’s performance at school has to start with the parents taking on new, active roles as the ones responsible for motivating, supporting, inspiring and tutoring their children. It requires a lot of work and a lot of time, but you will also discover that you are now able to establish much more solid and meaningful connection with your children and help them solve their problems more effectively.

This article was offered by Irina Kovalyova, inbound marketing enthusiast, SMM spacialist and blogger. Currently Irina is working on an interesting project providing Singapore math online courses for kids – iSingaporeMath.