It’s Easy To Create A Safe Play Space For Your Nursery – We’ll Tell You How!

If you run a nursery or a preschool then you will know all about the importance of creating an outdoor play area that will keep the kids safe as well as entertain them. Children love nothing better than to run around outside – fresh air does them the power of good and getting out and about tires them out beautifully too! It can be hard to know how to make the play area safe without taking all the fun out of it, but there are a few essential things you can do to minimise risk and injury, and it’s important that you do all you can to protect the children. Here are our ideas:

Install Artificial Grass

artificial-grassArtificial grass is a great thing to have installed on the ground of your nursery’s outdoor play area. Artificial grass brings you all the benefits of real grass, without the hassle of maintaining it! No mowing, no weeding and no reseeding is required – you have instant green grass all the year round. Come rain or shine, it will look amazing, so it’s a permanent resource for the children to use. It provides a really safe landing ground and it’s great for absorbing the impact of the inevitable falls. It looks and feels great and gives you much-needed greenness all year round.

Play Equipment

Getting the right play equipment for the nursery’s outdoor space can be a hard decision, but the one thing that you simply can’t compromise on is safety. Ensure every piece of play equipment meets and exceeds recommended safety standards. Use your common sense when selecting the equipment and bear the children’s ages in mind. What might be safe for a five year old won’t necessarily be safe for a toddler, so you’ll need to use your discretion when allowing children on. It’s got to be fun and appealing too, so choose colours and patterns that will appeal to the children. Regular maintenance is essential – cracks in slides and broken climbing frame bars are potentially very hazardous, so make regular checks part of your daily safety procedures.


You’ll need the kids to get outside no matter the weather, so consider putting up a shelter over at least part of the outside play area. This will ensure that they can continue with their outdoor play throughout the year. Choose a UV-proof material that will protect the children not only from rain, but also from the sun’s harmful rays. Knowing you have an outdoor space that can be used 365 days a year is a blessed reassurance to you, and it could be the deciding factor that parents use when choosing which nursery to put their kids in.

Every nursery needs a well-equipped and safe outdoor space for the children to enjoy. Being outdoors helps them burn off energy and also learn new skills such as using play equipment and learning how to keep their balance. They need to be challenged every day – that is what is so wonderful about children – so make sure the kids you are responsible for are challenged within a safe space.

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Guest blogger, Steve Hanks, works as a marketing executive at Rollout Grass, a well-established synthetic grass supplier company in Western Australia. He likes to indulge in gardening in his free time.