If the shoe fits – footwear for your kids

Choosing children’s clothing and footwear for your kids can be expensive. Children develop at such a fast rate when they are young that you may find you are purchasing new, much larger clothing and shoes at least every few weeks. Ensuring that your children are comfortable from a young age helps to promote healthy development; this includes clothing and footwear that are the right size. If children wear ill-fitting shoes or clothes,  it can have a negative impact on their development and can often leave them in pain – this is why purchasing footwear that is the right size for your child is crucial.

The importance of having your kids’ shoes professionally fitted…

Children grow so quickly and whether you are purchasing clothes, shoes or any other items, it’s really important that these are fitted correctly to your child’s size. Shoes, which are far too tight can be incredibly uncomfortable and may cause damage to the foot at an important time in their life. Footwear which is the wrong size is painful even for an adult, but for your child it can also cause development problems further down the line.

Having your child’s shoes fitted by a professional is also something that should not just be done as a once off – it’s something that you need to do on a regular basis. From a young age, this should be done once every few months and then perhaps once every six months as their growth slows.

Once school starts it’s all about conforming to the trends

Once children hit school it’s always the same story – they simply must have the same type of shoes as all of the other “cool kids” – and often these can be expensive. School shoes need to be practical as they are something that your child will be wearing every day and they need to be durable – you don’t want to have to purchase a new pair each week.

Being fashionable and practical

There are so many different footwear options on the market that it’s quite easy to be both fashionable and practical when purchasing footwear options for your kids – and although many well-made designer shoes can be expensive, at such a young age it’s important that you provide your children with the support that they need.

Spending a little extra on a good pair of shoes at this age will mean that your child’s feet are able to develop properly, buying cheap shoes which don’t provide the support that they need can lead to pain and potential bone injuries later on in life.

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