What do you think about the techniques used on the show “SuperNanny”? Do you think they work?

Question by SadToday22: What do you think about the techniques used on the show “SuperNanny”? Do you think they work?
I don’t have children, but I am AMAZED at how bad some of the kids on the show act. They’re horrible and the parents just let them keep acting that way until SuperNanny shows up….anyway, do you think Jo Frost’s techniques really work? Do you think she really has changed people lives? I know if I did have children and they acted the way some of those kids do, they’d be getting spanked all the time!

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Answer by Chris
I know what she does works. Read books about raising children and you will get the same information. I am a preschool teacher and I’ve been using some of the same techniques in my classroom for a long while.

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  1. The reason those children are that way is because they’re parents are lazy/inconstant. I doubt the changes stick, because the children still have the crappy parents. Spanking will not change anything… You just have to have clear rules.

  2. I think some of her points are good ones and others are just common sense……..but i think it would be easier if they showed everything…..the show isn’t long enough and i think they only show the good things….. not all the bad.

  3. I think they work maybe not as fast as it shows in a week on the show!!!!

  4. I think they do work and I think it can change lives because people can learn and make changes that will help. The people see how much better things can be when after they learn, so they most likely will not want to go back to the way it was.

  5. They often work. You can see it at the end. I don’t know whether the parents can stick with the “new procedures” or go back to the old crap! But the nanny is definetely ok.

  6. I don’t think it works , a good ole fashion beating will work

  7. I think her techniques work if the parents stick with them, if the parents had taken their parental roll to start with and disciplined the kids instead of letting them get by with everything the kids would have more respect for the parents…you are right they do need a couple of good spankings just to get their attention…in some states the kids have more rights than the parents! What’s wrong with this picture?

  8. I can’t believe the way some of those children behave until I see how their parents treat them! I love a lot of what Super Nanny does but some of what she does will only work for a short time. I bet if you go back into some of those homes the family is back where they started. Times outs and stickers (or rewards) are something that won’t be affective for the long term. I don’t like calling a spot “The naughty corner.” I feel it’s just as bad as calling a child “a brat.” Very shaming and condescending! Instead of putting the child in time out she should have the parent explain to the child why they don’t like their behavior, take them to another location (their room, the couch) and say, “You can come back when you’re ready to behave.” When they return, the parent should thank them for behaving. It may take several attempts for the child to get the message but it’s much more affective than time out. This technique puts the control into the child’s hands and is not the parent controlling the child. Times outs are shameful and condescending (I repeat!). It only causes resentment and anger on the child’s part. Stickers and the “reward jars” are bad too. Like the little girl who was potty training. She got a happy face sticker every time she used the toilet! I bet even after she was potty trained she wanted the stickers and I can see her sisters being upset because they didn’t get stickers when they used the bathroom. These rewards will then lose the child’s interest. I’ve tried using them in my classroom. They work for about a week. Jo Frost does not get the child to think about the effects of their behavior. The children are simply imformed that their behavior was “unacceptable.” No clear explaination of why the misbehavior is not desired and the effects of this behavior. I also wish the Super Nanny used logical consequence. Taking away a video game when a child throws food on the floor is not logical. Taking away the video game if he throws it is logical. Making them clean the mess is logical. Let the punishment fit the crime. One last thing, I don’t think children should be forced to say “sorry.” It’s meaningless when it doesn’t come from the heart. Forcing a child to say sorry is also teaching them to lie. Other than these, I think Super Nanny is doing a great job (I really mean it)! Her charts, routines, getting down to the child’s level, the way she speaks with them, her consistency, her patience, how she confronts the parents…awesome!

  9. Seems to work on the programme. I like Jo Frost, she’s aces.

  10. They need to have a show for those bad assed kids called “The Super Belt”. Then, they should have about 4 old school black ladies take these kids into their homes for about two weeks and whoop those bad assed kids. Then, give the parents a belt and their kids back after 2 weeks and I bet things will be different. Some of the crap those kids do on that show, they need to be locked up.