8 Ways to Create a New, Fun Mood in Your Child’s Bedroom

Aren’t our children growing up far too fast? Suddenly those shoes that you bought what seems like only yesterday are too small. Their preferences change equally rapidly too – whether it’s the colors they love or the toys they play with. Also, once in a while, some practical adjustments need to be made, especially in their bedrooms where they soon outgrow things, or reach places you never thought possible!

Basically, as your child grows, changes need to be made often and swiftly – whether it’s for their own safety, or just to make them smile. These 8 ideas will help any parent / DIY interior designer to adjust to your kid’s needs, and make changes that will last longer than a season.

Back to basics

Time and money are most likely the reasons you don’t makeover your child’s bedroom every other month. As they grow and begin to have a mind of their own, they need new beds, new colors, new toys… the list could go on.

Here’s a tip – try and keep the colors nice, but neutral. A white or cream color on the walls makes it easy to put up posters and pictures of preference, but just as simple to take down again when the band breaks up, or cats are now favored over dogs. Anything drastic can be hard (and expensive) to change.

If you are determined to use a bold color, whether it’s mint-green, raspberry pink or salmon-orange, limit yourself to only painting one accent wall. I promise you, one bright wall will last longer than being surrounded by four.

Safety first

Why is it that at a certain age children start getting up to all sorts naughty tricks? While it can be cute, you want to guarantee safety in your children’s bedrooms at all times. If you hadn’t done this before, start by replacing the electricity outputs with child friendly ones, and look around for items that are stored up high – once your kid can reach the bookshelf with just one finger, chances are everything will fall down.

Also, steel panel radiators can do quite a bit of harm in the wrong situation. Children can burn their fingers on the hot surfaces or might fall hit their head on one of these sharp edges. Before you begin to panic, don’t! Nowadays the radiator industry offers safe-to-touch heating systems with surfaces that don’t get hot and have smooth, curved edges. The great thing is they are even available in mufti-colored boys and girl themes!

Nothing is permanent

You think white walls are too boring? Wall decoration is not only easy, but fun and exciting too. Why not decorate the walls with colorful wall stickers – available as individual, colorful flowers to complete trees, or from little fish to a whole ocean. These give a creative, imaginative feel to the design and the non-permanent addition can be easily removed next year.

If stickers are too small and you’re looking for something a bit more exciting, wall murals can be another option. They are bigger in size and can be removed and reused – perfect when your kid changes their mind a lot. One day they want it, the other day they don’t – as often as it happens, there are wall murals to suit any situation.

As if it were brand new

It doesn’t have to be the walls that set the mood within your kid’s room – in fact, neutral walls leave space for colorful furniture and design. But while you may think you have your idea ready to go, by the time you finished reading this, your child has probably changed their mind. An exciting and cheap solution is to give old furniture a makeover!

Visit the local garage sales to find cheap (or free!) pieces of furniture, and paint them to your preference. That way, if today’s favorite piece is tomorrow’s despise, it won’t hurt the pocket so much replacing it!

Color it up

Don’t limit yourself – leaving the basics neutral doesn’t mean you can’t go wild with colors – that’s the beauty of designing a child’s room. A bold-colored duvet can turn into a great eye-catcher, so can a colorful rug and patterned curtains.

By using one simple color in different shades, you make a great color statement – you just have to make sure this color is you kid’s favorite for the next couple of years. Go for accessories in all shades of green, from dark forest to light-mint and they will still complement each other.

A lesson learned

Every parent knows what I mean when I say the ‘wooden alphabet’. The good thing about them is that you can use them in whatever way you prefer – hanging on a wall tied with a pink bow or standing in the window frame. The opportunities are endless. Using different colors and sizes will also help with your child’s learning too.

Cheap DIY details

Shop at home before you buy any new items – by putting the things you thought were useless into another context, they can turn out to be extremely effective! If you have a few old photo frames that you don’t use, spray them with different colors and frame your kid’s first drawings, pictures with friends or art pieces. Hang them on the neutral-colored wall, and voila! Easy to put up, easy to take down.

Some mismatched dishes can be used as a great, colorful wall pieces too! Mix and match plates of different sizes, patterns and colors (you can even paint them yourselves), and form a creative display.

Storage can be fun

To keep your child’s room organized (a huge feat in itself!), you need to convince them to organize their things themselves. A great way to do this is to find a few cardboard boxes and decorate them together. The result is a colorful array of boxes, a proud kid and hopefully an organized room.

To keep up with your child’s day-to-day changing preferences, you need to decorate their room cheaply and smartly; otherwise it will end up being the most expensive room in the house. What’s worth investing in is a playing environment that guarantees safety and fun at all times. Coloring up just takes inspiration and a bit of creativity!

Laura writes for Jaga designer radiators. When not blogging, she’s often trying to get her kids to play in their newly-decorated bedroom.

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