The Benefits Of Playing With Baby Blocks


Personalized baby blocks – fall into the category of ‘the most coveted gifts’ especially for babies, toddlers and children! Whether you choose to engrave the child’s name on it, or just his /her initials; whether you place his/her photograph on it with a message; or simply select the play blocks in his/her favorite color – “…that you took the time and trouble it takes to have the gift personalized,” matters the most to the recipient, states the ‘Gifts for Professionals’ website. Your personalized baby blocks, then, are sure to touch a chord, not just with the child you present them to, but also his parents!

Personalized Play Blocks Boost Creativity

‘In an age and time, when there are so many options available, why should you settle for personalized baby blocks, as a gift for any child?’ You may wonder! Well, while in comparison to the new-age toys and play-things, found in the market – baby blocks seem traditional and boring; in reality, parents and experts see them as a ‘wonder toy!’

“Building and construction toys, blocks in particular, are my absolute favorites for both my son and my daughter.  They are the ultimate open-ended creativity toy and I love that my children play with them for huge chunks of time, all while developing math, problem-solving, and spatial thinking skills,” declares Steph, a mother of two toddlers and the founder and managing editor of Modern Parents Messy Kids. “Because kids can put together blocks in a variety of ways, block play is divergent play. And divergent play with blocks may prepare kids to think creatively and better solve divergent problems,” opines Gwen Dewar, on

Personalized Baby Blocks Physically Benefit Children

Personalizing play blocks, when gifting them, whether to your own child or someone else’s, adds that extra oomph factor to them! “As special as the gift might already be, the added value of the personalization says so much in gift giving,” ‘Gifts for Professionals’ states.  The physical benefits for toddlers and young children that accrue from personalized play blocks have been widely observed.

Bloggers -Rebecca and Jeff, list them on their website Notes on Parenting as –‘the development and improvement of large and fine motor skills, strengthening of a child’s fingers, hands, and arms and the development of his/ her hand-eye coordination.’ “Around the age of two, children begin to understand which shapes will fit where. This gives them a head start on understanding perspectives which are the beginning skills that allows them to read maps and follow directions later in life,” they state here.

Play Blocks Improve Intellect and Social Skills  

Personalized play blocks have also been credited for improving children’s math skills, communication skills, spatial skills, problem-solving abilities and social skills. ‘Researchers found that 4-year olds, who played with blocks in more complex ways, were more likely to achieve high math scores in high school;’ and that  ‘block-play itself might help kids develop skills important for language development–like the ability to plan and recognize cause-and-effect sequences,’ ‘Notes on Parenting’ states.

Play blocks, additionally, also enhance a child’s social skills, even if the child suffers from ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,’ believes, Jenn Choi, a toy expert and reviewer. “Parents ask, “How can I teach my child to play nice, to treat his friends, well, like friends?” Are there toys that will increase your preschooler’s social-skills IQ? Yes, there are,” he declares and lists- mazes, blocks, and play sets as some, that can strengthen children’s social skills.

Baby Blocks Also Make Excellent Mementos

We all know that ‘there’s a lot in a name!’ Our name is actually not just something we answer to, but also identify with. Our names are personal and remain precious to us even after we grow up!  Given that, one tends to associate play blocks with beautiful childhood memories; it’s only natural that people preserve personalized play blocks as mementos, even after growing up! For this to happen, however, the play blocks must be well made and should be of a high quality.

This is necessary, so that, not just the material of the play blocks but the personalized engraving on it, is also able to endure over time. Surprising as it seems, personalized play blocks, seem to continue to generate creativity in their owners, long after they have grown up! Many of these memento pieces find creative expression on their study tables; their work-stations; become a part of their living room decor; and sometimes, even adorn their jewellery!

This article was written by Marilyn Davis is a child development expert, who believes that personalized play blocks can unblock your child’s creativity and more.


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