How To Celebrate Your Child Starting School This Year

If you have a child starting school this year, then it is a momentous occasion in both their life and yours, too.  It is also a definite cause for celebration, or at least you should mark the event – the upset that can be experienced by children and parents during the first days of schooling perhaps make the word ‘celebration’ the wrong one.

Still, you will want to mark this important landmark in your child’s life, and have the whole summer to do so. What are the things you can do to mark your child starting school this year?

Party Time

A party is a great idea, especially when you consider that children moving from nursery into junior schools or from primary into secondary education could be about to make new friends and leave old ones behind.

This gives the opportunity to exchange phone numbers with parents – or each other if they’re older – and ensure that contact is not lost as they move on with life.

What you have at your party is entirely up to you. With children in attendance, fireworks always tend to work well and you’ll be able to find these online from a specialist fireworks retailer. If you don’t want to go for fireworks, just some music and food will do the trick. Whatever you do, as long as it brings people together, it will work.

Holiday of Their Choice

You might need to temper expectations with this one, especially if money is tight, but it would perhaps be an idea to let your child choose where you go on holiday this year. Give them the choice of a few places however, as they are likely to instantly say ‘Disneyland’ or somewhere else that might not fall within your means.

If you don’t wish to do that, you can always choose somewhere that has plenty for them to do and will give them a trip to remember.

A New Gadget

This can be a great idea for children moving into secondary education, especially as they might start to encounter homework and having to rely on a lot of self-initiative for the first time in their lives.

You’re not buying them a new gadget as an excuse not to do homework, but as an incentive. Try things like for every great piece of homework they can have an hour on their Xbox at the weekend, for example.

It also works as a great way to deliver praise for completing work to a high standard. Children can often feel like doing homework is a thankless task, and even though it is something that must be done, it is still nice to be praised for doing so.

Indulge Their Hobby

Perhaps your child has now reached an age where they can join a sports club or follow a particular hobby that they have previously shown an interest in. Starting a new school at any age gives a feeling of ‘growing up,’ and this will help you to further enhance that.

A child starting a new chapter in their school life at any age is a big deal, and one that you should look to celebrate and embrace as much as you can.

Stuart is an online content writer who is always looking for an excuse to have a party. Stuart loves fireworks and feels that they add drama to suspense to parties, and frequently seeks out websites and retailers that sell fireworks for sale throughout the year.


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