How To Choose The Most Suitable Dance Clothes For Your Children

dance clothes for childrenUpon enrolling your child into dance classes, you will probably need to buy them a whole new set of clothes that they can wear. These dance clothes need to be flexible to allow them as much free movement as possible. They also need to be comfortable; otherwise, you will find your child soon protests.

It is worth doing some research into what the other children are wearing to the class, as the last thing you want is for your child to be wearing something totally different so they feel like they stick out. Talk to the teacher of the dance class when you are enrolling your child just to make sure you have the right idea of what dress codes they have and whether your child is going to require anything specific, i.e. black tap dancing shoes.

Choosing a traditional leotard

Leotards remain extremely popular for children’s dancing because they are, at the end of the day, simple. They are a single garment but cover up the main torso of the body. You also have the choice of a unitard, which is very similar to a leotard, but generally covers up the legs too. You may want to find out if the dance studio tends to be on the warm or cool side, as this will help your decision as to which type to get. Alternatively, you can also buy leggings for your child to wear with their leotard.

How To Choose The Most Suitable Dance Clothes for Your Children

When your child is trying on either of these garments, be aware they are meant to be relatively skin tight but not so much that your child feels uncomfortable. They need to be able to move easily, so make sure you check they can bend and stretch without problems. When choosing a leotard or unitard, choose those that are made from cotton or nylon Lycra, as either material is very stretchy and will also feel good on the skin.

Choosing appropriate bottoms

These will very much depend on which dance class your child is taking part in. For instance, street dancing clothes will vary greatly from ballet clothes. Even though the dance type will give you some clue as to what dance bottoms might be appropriate, it is important your child still gets the chance to express their own personality (if they want to).

There are huge ranges of dance bottoms to choose from, all of which can provide the freedom of movement your child is going to need in their dance class. For instance, you will be able to find many skirts and shorts that they can just slip on over their leotard / unitard. There is also a wide variety of leggings, which come in all kinds of materials and colors from plain black to purple stars and tiger stripes.

Of course, you also have the choice of buying slightly baggier dance tracksuit bottoms, although once again keep in mind you should not buy anything that might restrict your child’s movements by being too loose or too tight. Once more, you should always check with the dance teacher before purchasing anything to ensure you’re buying the most appropriate clothes.

Choosing the right dance shoes

Dance shoes are incredibly important to your child’s dancing. Because they need to be comfortable, otherwise your child may not only hurt itself and be in agony after their dance class but because they can really affect your child’s movements. Choosing the right shoes for the dance moves your child will be performing can positively affect their performance and make their movements a lot smoother, as well as easier to perform.

Footwear will vary depending on the dance style your child is doing but whether you need ballet, tap, swing or ballroom dance shoes, or even a good pair of dance trainers, you will still need to consider how good the make is and what materials have been used. Shoes are worth spending a bit more money on, since they can really damage your feet if they’re the wrong size or even just an uncomfortable fit.

No matter what dance-wear your child ends up with, it is essential they feel comfortable and not self-conscious. Feeling self-conscious will cause them to be shy and means they won’t be giving their all to their dance class. You also don’t want them to be a target for bullies, so take careful consideration before buying them anything. Ultimately, as it is your child who will be wearing the garments, it is worth giving them the final choice about what you buy from a dancewear company.

Laura writes for DanceForce. When not writing, she can often be found begging her children to wear their new dance clothes.

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