Giving Confidence To Your Children


We all want a lot for our children. We want to ensure that they will live full and happy lives, that they will be loved by a partner who admires them for who they are, we want them to have successful careers that ensure they never have to worry about money, and we want them to experience the world and to travel and to try new things.

These are all the basic requirements we want for our children, but in order for them to become reality, we need to focus first on the things that will help them to achieve those ends. This means giving our children the ‘base’ traits that they can use to go on and achieve great things, and which will help them through the various challenges life throws at them.

And what’s one of the most important traits to help your children develop? Undoubtedly it’s confidence which can give them the self-belief they need to tackle problems, the magnetism they need to inspire and lead others and the self-worth to feel happy in their own company. Read on and we will look at some of the ways you can ensure your children grow up with confidence.

Show Unconditional Love

One of the single most important ways to give your children confidence is to show them unconditional love so that they know they always have people who care about them and they always have somewhere that they can go.

When your child is young, the love and support they get from their family will largely contribute to their overall sense of self-worth and of self-esteem. If the first relationships in their lives seem cold or indifferent, then this can leave them feeling uncertain about how other people feel about them and whether or not they are lovable.

Give your children this strong foundation by making it clear that you will love them no matter what.


Likewise it’s also important to give your children encouragement, and to try and support them in everything they do. That means that if your child is looking at starting a band, or taking up art, you should encourage them and tell them they have what it takes. If they perform well in an exam, tell them that it’s because they’re naturally gifts. If they perform badly, tell them it’s because they needed to work harder in order to tap into their own latent ability. Eventually they will internalize these beliefs and they will develop the belief that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

Sometimes parents can become overly critical or dissuasive in an attempt to protect their children. Be careful though – this can end up coming off as negativity and ultimately damaging your child’s esteem.

Sports and Activities

Another way to get your children’s confidence to soar is to ensure they get involved with various activities that will give them a chance to shine, and to develop themselves. Sports are a great example – something like youth hockey will help to not only improve your child’s health and fitness, but also to encourage them to socialize, to be a team player, and to train to get the results they want.

The author of this post, Joshua Thomas, works at Northford Ice Pavilion, a company that provides ice skating in CT. He likes to play basketball whenever he gets the time and is a huge fan of Michael Jordan.


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