5 Major Reasons A Child Should Learn And Play Chess

Many parents are on the look out for any activity that can encourage their children to grow as responsible persons. During and after school, children are often encouraged to participate in extra curriculum activities. Some of these activities include debates, music and public speaking among others. Not long ago, games like chess were neglected and were not played because people were not sure of its impact to a child. In many schools today, chess has been made a major part of the school’s extra curriculum activities. This is because of the many benefits it impacts on children, and some of its advantages include:

Improves mathematical and analytical skills

The chess strategy for beginners is a must as your child begins learning this game. Chess is known to be a game of strategy, every piece on a chess board is unique and their movement is also unique, making the game challenging but fun. Chess allows a child to handle challenging situations without fear. Since the board has different pieces on it and each piece moving in different direction, it will be easy to enhance a child’s analytical and mathematical skills.

Improves patience

A child who plays chess has patience and willpower. The game improves your ability to interact with your opponent in a calm and silent way. It also improves your confidence level and self esteem. The game can also make you a good listener and improve interpersonal skills. When you grow up, you will be equipped with negotiation skills, thus helping you in making any business negotiations.

Improves your planning methods

During the game, opponents have strategies on how to tell what the opponent is up to by reading the body language. The ability to learn the body language helps you in planning in advance. The ability to tell and anticipate what moves your opponent will make also helps you to be a good planner and create in you, the patience in life no matter what type of situation you are facing.

Improves your thinking ability

Being able to play this game will make you gain analytical way of looking at things when faced with several solutions to a particular problem. The ability to quickly analyze and define the possible effects of a move will help enhance your child’s mental ability.

Calms aggression

This game has also been found to be the best way to calm children with aggression problems. The game requires opponents to sit still and concentrate, which impacts children with the calming effect. This game allows children to be stable and calm individuals as they grow.

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