Online Resources To Learn How To Write Cursive

Learning cursive is important for you to learn how to write your signature and to also be able to write in something other than print. Due to the constant use of technology, many schools are starting to do away with teaching cursive, as they believe it will be ineffective in the coming years. But have no fear. If you want to learn how to write cursive, the following are five online resources that can help you.

1. Zaner-Bloser ZB FontsOnline Plus

Zaner-Bloser offers ZB FontsOnline Plus, a great online resource for anyone who wants to learn how to write in cursive. The website is dedicated for teachers, but anyone with a desire to learn can benefit from the program. You can download worksheets and templates and print them out for you to use as practice. You also have the option of choosing templates and worksheets by grade level, so you can use it to start teaching your younger child how to write in cursive or to teach your older children how to do so. You also have the option of using the free ZB FontsOnline program or opting for the paid version, which allows you to add imagery and multiple pages to your documents.

2. is a simple website that allows you to create your own worksheets for practice. Simply choose what type of font you want to use (print, cursive or d’nealian), type in what you want the worksheet to say (or which letters you want it to have), choose your size and print. You (or whomever) can then use the worksheet to practice your cursive handwriting. Plus, you can continue to make your own handwriting worksheets on this site to change out the sentences or letters.

3. K5 Learning Blog

The K5 Learning Blog offers a variety of resources for all educational lessons for grades K through 5, and they also have a great tool for teaching or learning cursive. Through their blog, you can download and print cursive handwriting worksheets to help you practice and learn how to write in cursive. You can opt for worksheets that just contain the alphabet, or you can choose worksheets that contain words or sentences for more advanced individuals.

4. Kidzone

Kidzone is another website that offers cursive handwriting worksheets. Their worksheets are broken down into three categories: age 7, age 8 and ages 9+. The worksheets teach the basics of how to start writing the letter and has the child practice writing the letter a few times. Then, the child is asked to write words that contain that letter, which allows them to learn how to write the letter by itself and write it with other letters.

5. ABC Teach

ABC Teach provides you with worksheets that you can download and print for your own use. The nice thing about the ABC Teach worksheets is that they come with cursive writing rules to help you learn the correct way to write the letter without just copying it. You can also use the Handwriting Worksheet Generator to create worksheets of your own and customize it to your specific needs.

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