Orphaned cats for adoption

Orphaned cats for adoption

Image by mnadi
Orphaned cats for adoption from the Maadi animal shelter in Cairo, Egypt.
Photos by Sahar Elnadi

6 thoughts on “Orphaned cats for adoption

  1. i wish i was in egypt ><
    right now im really willing to adopt a brother cat for my Bubi!

  2. i would love to adopt one of these cats from Egypt . . . and i would probably worship it.
    🙂 I do "worship" the one I have now.

  3. Wow funny I would come across this picture, I got two cats from that shelter!

    Very nice photo by the way.

  4. I’m so happy to see that there is a shelter for these cats. I was wondering if there is a ‘catch and release’ programme in place for spaying and neutering street cats in Maadi. Any ideas?