Remodel Kids’ Bedroom – Easy And Cheap


Redecorating your kids’ bedrooms can be easier than you think. Kids love things that stimulate their imagination and allow their creative side to flourish. To create a room setting that will appeal to your child without costing a fortune, you can follow the simple guidelines listed below.

 Let the Room Reflect Child’s Personality

If your child has a favorite color, sports team or animal, you can use these to personalize his or her bedroom. If your child collects specific items, like teddy bears, unicorns or model cars, you can look for these themes on wallpaper and then cover one of the walls with the wallpaper pattern of the items they collect. This is a great way to add color and movement to the room as well.

When choosing items to use for the child’s bedroom makeover, it’s important to keep your child involved in the process. When your kids is of appropriate age, ask them to select the color for painting the walls, help in buying new curtains or bedding or even how they would like to place the furniture in their room.

Another great way to keep your child involved in the process is to have them actively participate in creating their new bedroom. You could have a young child place their palm in the paint and print areas of their dresser and bed frame with their colored hands. Older children can help paint their own furniture using decorative stencils.

 Decorate with Color

Children of all ages love to express themselves through the use of color. Color is used to add interest and fun to a room. A wall could be divided into several sections with each section painted a different color.

Colors for young children are often bold and incorporate more of the primary shades, while colors for teens are more subdued and often contrast with each other. Add a set of bins or a dresser in the primary colors of red, white, blue and yellow in the bedroom to make it more alive. Shades of pastel pink, brown and cream work great for the bedroom of a teenager.

Here’s another great idea for a young child’s room – add the chalkboard paint. This special paint allows the child to use the painted section of the wall as a chalkboard. Make sure to clearly define the area where the chalkboard will be to avoid mishaps on other wall sections.

 Fun and Functional Wall Decorations

If your child is young, you can spruce up their room by adding pictures of their favorite storybook characters. If you are not skilled enough to paint them on the walls yourself, you can purchase inexpensive wall decals instead. Teens can decorate their bedroom by adding items from their personal hobbies. A child interested in music could enjoy having a series of musical notes placed over their bed.

You could also add a colorful string or netting to the wall that can hold a young child’s favorite drawings or toys. A securely hung net in the corner of a room can hold an assortment of stuffed animals or items used for sports, like soccer balls, baseballs and basketballs.

 The Finishing Touches

Adding accent items to the room will help tie it together while also making it kid friendly. These items can include throw pillows, area rugs and curtains. A teen girl’s room would look lovely if you add colorful floor pillows, a shag rug and patchwork curtains.

As you see, redecorating the bedroom can be fun, easy, and cheap, too. Involving your kids in the decision process makes them feel valuable, and also appreciate their room even more.

Alissa Young writes about home improvements, but interior and exterior design are no strangers, either. She loves writing tips to help people think of ideas that maybe wouldn’t cross their mind otherwise.


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