School May Be Out For Summer, But Get Kitted Up Now For The New Year!

While the kids might be busy celebrating the fact they don’t have to go back to school for another few months (and your wallet or purse sheds a tear in preparation for the range of activities and trips you’ll no doubt have to go on in order to stop the little darlings getting bored), now is also probably the best time to get them kitted up for the new term.

From new school shoes, to a new hat, from a new rucksack, to a new pencil case, you need to kit your little darlings up from top to bottom and from outside to inside.

Here then, I offer some advice on buying the stuff the kids will need to look the bees knees on day one at school.

From Tiny Tim to Big Ben Just Over The Summer?!?

The idea of kids growing too much puts a lot of people off from buying stuff early on, but in truth this is not really an issue. In fact, if you leave things later, you may find the right sized uniforms actually sold out if there has been a sale on for a while.

Another factor in buying early, is the fact you may hopefully avoid the mass rush of mums n dads blitzing to the nearest supermarket or department store at the last minute, to kit up little Timmy for the new year.

Shop Around For Bargains

Shopping around is obviously a good way to keep the cost of your school uniform shopping down. Whenever a sale is on, it is well worth taking a look at what’s on, rather than definitely saying ‘I will go and buy the school shoes in July, the blazer in August and so on.

Many supermarkets will also have school uniform available all year round, so if little Tim manages to tear a hole in his trousers playing football on the playground, you may not have to resort to emergency needle work.

Fix it Up

Of course, accidents do happen when you’re a kid, and as an adult for that matter, so if you don’t want to fork out too much on uniforms, you might want to pester the grandparents, or more specifically Nan, to help do alterations and mend uniforms. Of course, if you’re a dab hand yourself then even better – of course I understand that these days with time a premium, many people just don’t want to take an hour of their day to sit at a sewing machine tweaking a uniform to make it last an extra month or two.

School Shoes

The great thing about school shoes, is that you are not reliant on one or two places, as there will be literally dozens of shoe stores around your area. Now, while I said it might not be too much of an issue to buy uniform early, shoes can be a strange one. It really does depend on your children’s age though. Now, while buying school shoes that will make them look more class clown than class leader, you should still allow for some growing room. The last thing you want is for the shoes to be too tight only a month after you bought them, and another month before term even starts!

As a final tip, take note of what the kids actually wear. If jumpers seem to be left in a crumpled heap on a chair, or more likely the floor, is it worth the money you’ve spent on them?

Louisa Jenkins is a parent and keen freelance fashion blogger. Here she takes a break from her usual fashion insights, to discuss the common parental issue of buying school shoes and uniforms, and getting the little darlings kitted up for the new school year.

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