How To Support Your Best Friend Through Her Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time when women depend on the other women around them a lot. Try as they might, men just aren’t able to understand what is going on in a woman’s body and mind when they are pregnant and so it is natural for women to turn to other women for help, advice and support when they are expecting a child. If your best friend is expecting their first child then they will be feeling very anxious and nervous as well as excited, and they will really appreciate you looking after them and caring for them while they are pregnant. So if your best friend is expecting a baby, how best can you support her? We’ll tell you in this article!

Regular Contact

Some women tend to withdraw from life a little when they are pregnant. They can’t drink so they will be tempted to miss out on social occasions, and during the third trimester they will be so big that getting around can be tiresome. Watch out for signs that your best friend is withdrawing a little and be on hand to help her and talk to her. The chances are she would love for you to pop around for a coffee and a chat but she doesn’t want to ask. Maintain regular contact and make sure she knows she has company whenever she wants it.

Learn a Little

If you haven’t had a child yourself then it can be difficult to know what your best friend is going through, however a little reading will really help you understand it better. Read up on everything to do with labor and childbirth, and even child development once the little one is out. The two of you can talk things through together as she will be learning too. Watch online tutorials and talk to other women who have had children – this will help you to understand what she is going through.

Throw a Party

It is customary for a woman to have a baby shower if she is expecting. As her best friend you are ideally placed to arrange this. Contact all of the women that she knows and organize a little gathering when you can give her little presents for her and for the baby. It’s a lovely way of bringing loads of great women together to celebrate the impending birth of the baby – she won’t have the energy to celebrate for a while once the baby is born. You could either buy her lots of little things, or all club together to buy her one big thing such as a buggy.

Your best friend will be feeling a little wobbly from time to time and also very emotional and hormonal so go easy on her. If she doesn’t seem herself for a while then just go with it – it won’t be long before she is back to her usual self. When the baby arrives you will be rewarded with plenty of cuddles with the newborn, and if you go on to have your own baby then she will repay you with the same level of support!

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