Ten Things To Tell Your College-Bound Son Or Daughter About Life In A College Campus


Life in college can sometimes be difficult, and your son or daughter may face situations that they have not have to deal with in the past. Before you send your kids off to college, there are some things that you should talk to them about so that they are successful.

First, you should talk to them about drinking and alcohol abuse. They should know how alcohol will affect their success, and that binge drinking can become addicting. Let them know their are special facilities that specialize in addiction for college students should the need ever arise.

The second thing you should tell them is that they need to manage their time. Let them know that it is okay to have fun, but they should also know their priorities. They need to make sure that they spend enough time studying and finishing their work on time.

Third, you should talk to them about how to handle their finances. They will need to plan for monthly expenses, how to keep track of bank withdraws so they do not run out of money. Other ways to handle finances is to not eat out all the time.

A fourth thing they should know is how to find great deals on the things that they need for their classes. There are many places where they can buy used textbooks instead of buying them new from the college bookstore.

Fifth, you should teach them how to handle difficult situations when they arise. There may be times when college students may have problems with their classes or with other students. Let them know that they can go to their professors for help, and to try to avoid people who may cause problems.

Sixth, talk to them about how to live with roommates if they are living in dorm rooms or an apartment with other people. Sometimes living with other people can cause problems, and they should know that they should try to talk to the roommates if their are any problems and to compromise.

Seventh, it is important to talk to them about how to stay safe when walking around at night. There may be times when it is necessary to walk through the campus at night. They should know that they should walk with other people when possible, and that the campus may provide safe rides between buildings.

An eighth thing to talk to them about is how to do laundry if they don’t already know how. Make sure that they know what settings to use on the washer and dryer and what products to use. Separating clothes into different loads is important so colors don’t bleed onto white clothing.

Ninth, college students should know about the services that the college offers. Students may need help, and there are advisers, health clinics, and staff members that can help them with their schedules or when they get sick.

The final thing that it is important for them to know is how to eat healthy with their busy schedules. Let them know that even when they are really busy that they should take the time to eat their meals. Students often go without eating, which can cause a weakened immune system and lack of focus during classes.

College is a great experience for many students, but there are some things that can be challenging. Talking to your kids about these things should help them make the most out of their college years.

Maureen Carson is a mother of three and has watched all three of her kids go off to college. It has been a joy raising her children and seeing them grow over the years. It was tough to see them go, but she still gets to spend time with them on vacations and during the summertime. For more parenting tips for college kids she recommends checking out collegeparenthandbook.com.


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