Ten Important Things You Can’t Forget While Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday party


If this is your child’s first birthday then you know how important it is to you. Soon, your baby will be talking, walking and getting older right in front of you. Although it is your baby’s very first birthday it should be special, but it doesn’t have to be that expensive. Keep in mind, these simple things to remember when you are planning your baby’s first birthday.

1. Keep It Small

It doesn’t matter that you are tempted to invite everyone, hire clowns and jugglers; you should try to keep your baby’s very first birthday rather simple and small. Your child might be afraid of people they don’t know, scared of crowds, new places and noises. Understand that your child isn’t going to remember this birthday, so anything extra that you do is simply for your own enjoyment.

2. Plan Around Nap Time

A lot of children around the age of 1 still take naps; therefore you should try to set the party up while keeping their nap times in mind. Some kids are good around midday while others last better after dinner. Also make a time limit. When they are this age, any parties that last over a couple of hours might be too long for them.

3. Stay Within Your Budget

Make sure that you are keeping track of your money when you are planning your baby’s birthday. Set up an amount that you want to spend for the entire birthday and stick to it. Too many times it has been seen that parents will go overboard and spend hundreds of dollars on something so simple.

4. Think About Location

For the most part, your home is the best place to host your baby’s first birthday. Although if your house is too small, think about some other locations. A community center, church hall, or club house might be nice. If your child is okay with noise, consider the zoo or park.

5. Set Up A Theme

All kids like themes when it comes to birthdays, plus themes will make it a nice for taking photos. You can plan the theme to be a certain color or choose your child’s favorite TV show. There are tons of places that will offer baby friendly themes that are affordable and your children will love them.

6. Hire A Photographer

You are going to want lots of pictures from your child’s party; however you don’t want to spend too much time taking them yourself. You can think about hiring someone to take the pictures instead. It doesn’t have to be some professional photography studio- considers a family member or friend that is good with photos and that you trust will do a good job.

7. Plan The Menu

You won’t need to spend all of your time making food and a cake for the party. Plan out the menu and keep it fairly simple with salads, sandwiches and drinks for the adults. For the children, you can serve little finger foods and other treats that will keep them happy. Order a cake from your local store, as sometimes they will give you a free cake for the baby’s first birthday.

8. Be Imaginative

Instead of going out and buying decorations, you can make them at home yourself. You can decorate with pictures of the baby each month up until their first birthday. You can ask the parents of the other children to bring photos to make a collage that can be hung around the room.

9. Forget Competition

The party for your baby shouldn’t be a competition because someone else you know went all out for their child’s birthday. Keep it simple and keep it fun, your child will enjoy it no matter what.

10. Have Fun and Relax

You know that there will be some accidents and flaws during the party. Don’t let this ruin the fun. After the party you can clean and be worry free and know that your little one had a great time.

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Written by Camia Sidle, this article explains 10 things that you should keep in mind when you are planning a birthday party for your baby. At BirthdayPlanet.net, you can engage in conversations with other moms and get great ideas on how you can make your baby’s birthday simple yet memorable.

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