Tips For Childproofing Your Home

HomeChildren are naturally very active. They want to explore their surroundings and love to learn new things. While it is okay to let them explore, there are a lot of things inside your house that can harm them. You need to protect your children against these potential dangers, and one way of doing so is by making sure that your home is childproof. Below are some tips for childproofing your home.

Childproofing the Kitchen

The kitchen is probably one of the areas in your home that has the most dangers. They could accidentally knock over the knife rack, spilling the knives and hurting themselves. When playing, they could grab onto the dining chair, tipping it over and hitting their foot. They could also tip the microwave over. It can not only hit them but put them at risk for an electric shock as well.

To prevent this, you have to see to it that your kitchen is childproof. Say for example you are keeping sharp objects such as ice picks and knives in the kitchen drawers, then see to it that all drawers have safety latches. If you are storing potentially dangerous and toxic products in the kitchen cabinet, then your kitchen cabinets should also have safety latches installed. The safety latches will prevent your children from opening the cabinets and drawers and playing with the dangerous items.

For items that can easily be knocked over, make sure that you keep them away from the edge of your kitchen counters. This way, your children will not be able to reach them and knock them down. This is especially important if you are keeping your knives in knife racks.

Securing the Living Room

Those decorative pieces of yours that you are proudly displaying on top of shelves can also be dangerous to your children. As mentioned earlier, children are very curious. They could become curious with, say for example, the boat craft on the topmost shelf. Because they want to reach it and play with it, they will use the shelf as a ladder. If the shelf is not secured to the wall, their weight could easily topple it to the floor. The heavy weight of the shelf and its contents could easily crush the child, causing injuries.

To childproof your living room, you need to secure heavy furniture such as bookcases and shelves. You also have to see to it that mirrors and paintings are also properly secured against the wall.

Another way to childproof your home is to use window blinds that are safe for children. There are cordless window shades as well as window blinds to choose from. Because they are cordless, you need not fear your children playing with the cords and getting tangled up in it.

There are so many ways that you can childproof your home. You can install corner bumpers on the hard edges of your furniture, doorknob covers to prevent them from getting into hazardous areas such as the garage, safety gates to prevent them from getting up and down the stairs, among others. If you want more ideas on how to childproof your home, then you can give your local home builder a call.

Jennifer Dalley is an article writer for home improvement and parenting blogs. She specializes in tips for improving your home’s safety.


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