Traveling With Kids – Keeping Your Children Occupied On A Long Car Journey

As we all know it very well, children are very curious about everything and they ask a lot of questions about everything that they see. Besides that, they also talk a lot. Most of their mutterings are meaningless and often they are irritating to adults. The driver loses his concentration in driving by this meaningless conversation and hence it is necessary to reduce this practice among the children. But they are used to talking and hence it is very difficult to keep them off from talking, but here are some important ways of doing it. Let us see the more effective ways to improve traveling with kids…

1) Offering a bribe to a child to keep him quite might work well in most of the cases. Know what your kid loves the most and promise him to give it, provided that he stays quiet in the car. Kids are usually fond of chocolates, bakery items, ice creams, toys and many other things. Offer them to present them these things if they kept quiet and if they fulfill your condition, you have to give them. Never break your promise because it will result in your child distrusting you and that affects your relationship with the child seriously.

2) Usually children are not willing to sleep, especially if you are traveling with it in a car or airplane, but you can make him sleep with some effort. You may need to give him something to drink, say milk or other energy drink. That brings him sleep. Try to tell him some story, which every child likes very much. While sleeping, child would be blissfully unaware of the external world and you will be relieved of the nagging questions and hence feel a lot more relaxed in your journey.

3) Make them to play or work outside the home before going for some trip. If they play for a long time, they will obviously get tired and during journey, they will feel sleepy and would like to take rest. This is in fact the best way of keeping them quite in the car. Playing makes them physically tired, but at the same time they feel mentally relaxed. This ensures a greater burst of energy after a good nap. Kids know it very well and as soon as they enter into the car, they will recline back and take rest.

4) Know what to give your child to eat and drink before going for a trip in a car. Neither feed him too heavily nor too lightly. Foods like milk and milk products, whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables etc help the children to feel relaxed and their mind soothes down. Instead, if you feed them with spicy and oily food, that makes them hyperactive and they feel more stressed. That obviously increases their level of activity and thus they begin to act violently in the car.

5) Don’t give snacks to your child during journey. Snacks include chips, wafers, bakery items and other related products which are high in calorie content. They increase hyper activity among the children. Even though they provide instantaneous energy to the child, that energy doesn’t last for long. After a few minutes, the child feels tired, restless and may start to behave badly. When the child is hyperactive, it talks too much. So avoid junk food and snacks.

6) Pacifying your child is very important. Never threaten or force him to quit some bad habit. Even if the habit is bad, tell him nicely that it is not right to do it and to stop that behavior. Children expect love and care from their parents, not over discipline and punishment. You can conquer anything in the world with love, but not with hatred. So tell him nicely not to talk too much in car and I am 200% sure that he will pay respect to your words and stay quiet.

7) Games are children’s favorite activities. so while traveling in comfy new cars, encourage them to play some useful and mind bending games like chess, word puzzle, SUDOKU etc. these games are so interesting and absorbing that the child forgets everything else and gets deeply involved in the game. These games, along with keeping the child absorbed, also help them in their overall mental and psychological development. But don’t give them video games to play. They are addictive in nature and except a few ones, all other video games are harmful to the mental ability of the children.

8) Singing in chorus is another important activity which helps the children to keep quiet. Besides that, singing doesn’t affect the concentration of the driver. Meaningless quarreling can distract the attention of everyone, but singing gives a lot of relaxation to the mind. If possible, try to join them in the chorus so that you also feel relaxed a lot. If they are not interested to song by themselves, tell them to play some song in tape recorder or mobile.

9) Know the toys which you child likes a lot. Usually children like to play with teddy bears and Barbie dolls. Give them their favorite toy and ask them to play inside the car while travelling. That makes them to feel relaxed. No child quarrels too much while playing with its favorite doll. That keeps him silent and you can do your work leisurely. Baby dolls are not as bad as some video games. They soften the behavior of child and make him humble.

10) Make use of technology to keep them quiet during the travel. Give them an iPad, iPod or laptop to work with. With the help of these devices, your child can learn a lot of things. Encourage him to play some interesting games like chess, cards game, and puzzle game etc which help to improve their brain function. Along with that, also encourage them to watch some interesting movies and educational programs. Some documentaries regarding wildlife and other knowledge oriented subjects, like the ‘Life’ series programs of David Attenborough etc help the child to get more knowledge of the world, along with keeping him quiet.

Rossie Hughes has 3 children and often has to drive them for long distances. She hopes that these tips will help other drivers in a similar situation.

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