Types and Uses of Baby Slings

Baby slings come in a variety of colours, they are made using a variety of materials and accommodate for a variety of uses. This article outlines the basic types of baby slings and their uses.

Slings are becoming increasingly popular in all regions of the world. They are worn around the body and can be adjusted to be worn on the hip as well as in many other ways. The idea behind the baby modern baby sling dates back o before the middle ages. Many parents used and are still using slings to easily travel with their children.

One more reason why slings are popular is that the parent can perform other tasks while carrying the infant. Baby slings allow parents to maintain the baby in a safe and secure way as well as “keeping on eye” on the child while moving and performing tasks freely.

The increased usability and versatility of baby slings have made them a popular gift for new parents especially at baby showers. Baby slings have become popular because of convenience and ease of use. They are also great for parents who do not have enough free time to spend with their children. Infants need constant monitoring and keeping the baby in a sling allows the parent to do so. Also keep in mind that carrying a baby in a sling is similar to the state the infant was sitting in the womb.

Slings are perfect for around the house as well. Parents can monitor their babies and do chores at the same time. When going for a walk or commuting by foot the sling is great because it is less cumbersome than a stroller or car seat. Due to their flexibility, baby slings have become a favourite and essential item with parents around the world.
Baby slings and baby carriers come in multitude of styles, colours and types.

There are the wrap around slings that allow the baby to face forward; tummy to tummy, hip, nursing and kangaroo carrying position. Certain slings allow the infant to stay in the cradling position which is very comfortable for infants. Specifically, wrap around slings are worn over the shoulder and can often be fastened with a buckle or a knot. These types of slings are the most common and most popular type due to their flexibility.

Usually slings are made of soft, hypo allergic fabrics. When made from cloths, the manufacturers make sure it is sturdy enough to hold babies of different sizes and weights. Even distribution of the baby’s weight is another factor sling manufacturers take in consideration; it s important to prevent injuries on parents. As mentioned above, some slings are adjustable to accommodate for growth and height of the infant.

When parents are looking to buy a sling, one of the questions they are often faced with is selecting between a padded or unpadded sling. Most parents like the padded types of slings because they provide extra support for the baby and at the same time does not take a strain on the parent’s shoulders.

The downside of the padded sling is that they could be considered as too bulky and thus are less manageable when walking. In general however, different types of slings exist to accommodate for different life styles and preferences of the parent.

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