Top 5 Parenting Tips for Good Parenting

parentingParenting has its everyday rewards and struggles. The growing child that stands before you is a blessing in every way. But what about the actions that make you a good parent? What five aspects must you keep in mind in order to be the best parent, listener and teacher you can possibly be for your child? The top five tips to make you a good parent are:

• Patience
• Understanding
• Keeping calm
• Humor
• Unconditional Love

Patience and parenting should go hand in hand. From the moment the child is born, a parent needs to welcome patience into their life with open arms. An infant requires patience as you both learn the meanings of every last cry. The spunky toddler needs patience as they learn independence and manners; while the teenager needs patience as they try to figure out themselves. Patience can be hard to always keep in mind while parenting, but it really brings the composed aspect needed in often wild situations.

A great parent also needs an enormous amount of understanding for each parenting situation. It is not so much of being able to put yourself in their shoes, but more so understanding that each person and child reacts to different environments differently. If the homework for that night is simple one digit addition but your child is just not getting it, the understanding parenting skill will come in handy. You must use this skill to truly understand that not everyone can learn a new ability right away. By understanding your child and their situation, you will be able to build their confidence instead of putting them down.

Keeping calm is a wonderful parenting skill that will take you to the next step in parenting. Keeping calm in every situation will announce to your child that you are a strong person who does not rattle easily. So, when your child has decided to run off from the craft table with the scissors and hides to cut her hair, just remember to keep calm in the frustrating circumstance. After all you would not want anger to be the example reaction for them to express when they are in a social setting.

The evening temper tantrum has been going on for ten minutes now when all of a sudden your child realizes they have to go to the bathroom. A silence washes over them as they bolt for the bathroom. When they come back to the bedroom, get into bed and fall right asleep. The past ten minutes have completely been wiped from their memory and you cannot help but giggle as you kiss their little cheek.

This humor in the situation should be kept around within your tired self in order to see the light your child brings to your life. Every day is not always easy but if you can go through the day and are able to see the funny moments through the undesirable ones, you will be perfecting your parenting skills on the spot.

Lastly, unconditional love will be the best parenting skill you can achieve to be the best parent possible. You need to love your child fully through every tantrum, name they call you, kick they give you, day they ignore you and food they throw at you. At the moment each of these happens, they may not be your sweet little angel that calls you their best friend, but they still need the love and kindness you possess in order to get through their funk.

Being able to speak calmly to them about their emotions rather than their direct actions will allow your love to show; which showing your love to them is the best parenting skill you can give. Love is the best parenting skill to master.