Five Fun And Educational Summer Vacation Activity Ideas For Kids

One of the banes of both parents’ and children’s summer existences is boredom. Although joy and excitement fill the hearts of children at the beginning of summer, before too long it seems that the data is our stretching out into oblivion – long and hot and filled with nothing but empty hours.

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However, this does not need to be the case! There are many fun and educational activities that can be implemented during the summer which will not only build a long and boring hours, but will also help kids to develop cognitively, socially, and creatively.

Here are five exciting and educational summer activities that your kids can start working on immediately.

1 – Give each of your kids a disposable camera and tell them to take pictures of things that are meaningful to them. Gather pictures which are appropriate for their age levels and look at them together prior to giving them the cameras. Talk with them about what kinds of subjects for photographs are meaningful and why they are meaningful. After the photographs are developed, have each of your children pick three or four of the photographs which they feel are representative of their project and talk about them with you and the rest of the family.

2 – Make one evening a week on night where each individual child is “responsible” for dinner. They will need to plan the menu (within appropriate guidelines, of course), make a shopping list, and work with you to prepare the meal. By taking on this project, they will not only contribute to the family community, but they will learn about planning, budgeting, and cooking.

3 – Take a nature walk with your kids. Gather study materials prior to the walk and go through them together so that your children know what to expect on the walk.

4 – Explore various public story-times at libraries and bookstores in your area. By getting exposure to books and to being read aloud to over the summer, your kids will be able to maintain their literacy even though they are not in school – not to mention, it will even further cement their growing love of books and literature.

5 – Give your kids a craft room, stocked with materials to make creative projects. Depending on their age, some kids may even be interested in learning scrapbook techniques so that they can put their photographs together with their crafting imagination and make memory books which will be meaningful to them far into the future.

By implementing these five fun learning activities with your kids over the summer, you will not only create opportunities for them to grow and learn, but you will create powerful bonding opportunities between you and them, and between all of them together, as well. Don’t wait and don’t let another summer slip by without fully utilizing the time that it affords you to get the most out of your relationship with your kids and all the fun that you could be having together!

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