How Children Benefit from Construction Toys

They say that children learn best through play. Well, when you think about it, what good is learning when you don’t enjoy what you do. In many ways, you do have to see it the way you see the world. Remember how you did better in subjects you liked? That’s exactly what construction toys do.

As the adult, you should find ways to foster learning. As a toddler, I remember spending hours in the nursery, creating my very own imaginary haven. A stack of books would be a chair or a castle fortress; a set of blocks would be a makeshift playground that allowed me to leisurely enjoy my time. That’s part of childhood and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything else in this world. Now that I’m all grown up, I try to pass on the experience to the younger generation.

You might think that children need the very best of what technology has to offer. With the dawn of gaming technology, most of the kids spend hours in front of the television set where they aren’t given the chance to explore their wonderful imagination. I did some digging of my own and discovered that the TV is considered a sedentary activity. They burn fewer calories than they do reading a book while lying down.

So, spend your money wisely. Consider toys that will make your children be active and creative, like construction toys. The best part about them is that they don’t cost much. You can very well afford a big box filled with blocks. Add all these up and they still cost less than a gaming console.

If you don’t believe me, then take a look at what child experts and teachers have to say regarding the benefits of building blocks, building sets, and the like:

  1. Develop motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
  2. Exposes them to imaginative and divergent thinking.
  3. Encourages the use of language.
  4. Fosters teamwork.
  5. Promotes spatial skills.
  6. Shown to enhance and cultivate mathematical skills.

Your job is to simply make the most of the toy blocks. Once you sit with your child, encourage them to think of new scenarios. Throw in ideas but don’t make them feel as if you’re dictating what they do. Rather, bring out their interests and start from there. Introduce new ways to play and see which one interests them the most.

Just imagine how the concept of blocks started. The primitive man must have experimented with stones until he realized what he could do with it. Back then, cable, TV, and the internet were concepts no one could have ever fathomed. With evolution and experience, man’s mind broadened. This is what construction toys can do. It exposes them to new ideas and to a world of infinite possibilities. These are a must-have in every child’s arsenal and it’s something worth a pretty penny because these grow with them.

Admit it, even the child in you gets excited when you see what you’ve done with the blocks you’ve built. Let the little ones relish in their handiwork and let them learn without making them feel the pressure.